Jamia Researchers propose New cloud framework for mobile biometrics

A team of Researchers from Jamia Millia Islamia including Professors and Research Scholars have proposed a high performance cluster cloud framework to helping in managing the mountains of data associated with mobile biometric authentication.

They have created a cloud framework to structure biometric authentication tasks in a scalable, accurate and efficient system. In their research they found that using a cloud-based biometric authentication framework named “BAMCloud”, helped to achieve network speed performance of over 8 times more than alternate methods, with a performance success rate of 96.23%.

Algorithm used for data training achieved speeds of seven times the average existing approach, and the algorithm used for processing was 10 times faster according to Experimental results.

Team of researcher is comprises of Dr. Mansaf Alam, Dr. Suraiya Jabin, Farhana J. Zareen, Kashish A. Shakil from Department of Computer Science Jamia Millia Islamia and Dr. Shabih Shakeel who is a postdoctoral researcher at Institute of Biotechnology and Department of Biological Sciences University of Helsinki, Finland.

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