Jamia Professor to work on high performance chip with applications in energy harvesting at University of Waterloo Canada

Dr. Sajad A Loan, Professor at Department of Electronics and Communication, Faculty of  Engineering & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has been awarded Visiting Professorship by the highly prestigious University of Waterloo (UOW), Canada.

University of Waterloo has invited him for a period of six weeks as Visiting Professor to contribute to the ongoing research on high performance chip with applications in energy harvesting. This will be a beginning in the field of collaborative research between Jamia Millia Islamia and the University of Waterloo. This will also help in elevating the profile of both the universities in terms of ranking and international collaborations for high quality research.

Dr. Sajad A Loan is an expert in chip designing and he has done extensive research work in VLSI Designing and Nanoelectronics. Prof Loan is among those professors at JMI who has filed maximum number of patents and has also received record number of best paper awards.

Prof. Sajjad was also awarded with prestigious Indo-Canadian Shastri Mobility Fellowship 2017 in April last year by the Govt of Canada and MHRD India. He has also developed Sajad-Sunil-Schottky (SSS) technology with Prof. B. Cui and Prof. O. Ramahi of the university of Waterloo.

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