Jamia organizes Training Programme for the Police Officers working for women and children

Jamia Millia Islamia ,New Delhi:
Jamia Millia Islamia is organizing an eight-day Training Programme from May 5-14, 2015 for Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors posted at the Special Police Unit for Women and Children (earlier called Crimes against Women Cell) located in different districts of National Capital Region (NCR) and directly engaged with the client system. The first batch consists of 30 participants.

The broad theme of the Training Programme is “Skill Building for Working with Couples Experiencing Matrimonial Conflict”. Some of the sub-themes of the Training Programme are – Understanding Violence Against Women, Categories of Change feasible through the Counselling Process, Alcoholism and its Manifestations in Matrimonial Life, Mental Illness and its Manifestations in Matrimonial Life, Recognizing and Managing Internal Conflicts, Counseling Skills for First Response and Initial Interviewing, Inter-parental Conflict and Children, Legal Remedies for Couples in Conflict, Recording and its Relevance in the Counseling Process, Case Discussions & Practice Sessions, among other topics relevant to the theme of the Training Programme.

Crimes against Women Cell (now known as the Special Police Unit for Women and Children) has been operative in Delhi since 1983.  It was an increase in the incidents of dowry deaths that had led to the recognition of a need for a specialized service to women in crisis situations.  Even while being entrusted with the role of providing reprieve to women facing matrimonial disputes, the functionaries have been earnestly grappling with the performance of this unique role.  Principally trained in investigative techniques, they recognize the need for specialized training to deal with intimate issues of human relationships.

The Training Programme is being organized on the university campus under the able guidance and supervision of Prof. N.U. Khan, Head, Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia.

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