Jamia organizes its maiden ‘Exhibition of Innovators’

Prof. Talat Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia inaugurated an “Exhibition of Innovators” in the Polytechnic Park that was organized to encourage students and faculty to think on innovative lines for creation of innovative products that could be used by people at large. This exhibition strengthens the resolve of the academic leadership to raise the bar in respect of teaching and research yielding constructive models for the growth of the nation.

Referring to scientific and technological innovations that have positively impacted lives of people, Prof. Ahmad observed that students and faculty should think innovatively to create products and services that could improve the quality of human life.

Interacting with the innovators and students, the Vice Chancellor observed that many more exhibitions would be organized in near future to promote grassroots innovation. The exhibitors who displayed their exhibits were Jamia’s students and alumni and other young innovators such as Crazy Bruno, Doctroral.com Schneider Electric, REES-52 and Ecosense. The innovations on display were linked to Health Care (for remote and far-flung areas in the county that have no access to healthcare), Robotics, Solar Energy, Integrated Smart Cities and 24 x 7 Meals on Wheels.

The objective of the exhibition was to showcase innovations of students and researchers and also to encourage their interaction with the entrepreneurs to give fillip to innovative experiments and thinking.

A large number of students and teachers could be seen visiting the stalls to look at the exhibits and interact with the innovators on a bright sunny day.

This one-day event was organized by the Outreach Programme, Jamia Millia Islamia in collaboration with the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship led by Prof. Mini Thomas from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

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