Jai Hind Yatra Carried Out in Delhi

Sadbhav Mission, Nishant Natya Manch, Ark Foundation, The Alternative Space, Khudai Khidmatgar, and Snehi carried out Jai Hind Yatra from Rajghat to Red Fort in Delhi on April 17, 2016 to galvanize the spirit of people centric nationalism.

At 8 AM, the marchers, comprising academics from IIT Delhi, Jamia millia Islamia, Delhi University and concerned citizens, paid homage to martyrs at Khooni Darwaja, the place where the sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the leader of the 1857 revolt, were murdered in cold blood by British officer Hudson. 8:30 to 9:30 AM they held a gathering at Rajghat where the father of the nation rests in peace. Social activist Khadeejah Farooqui, Prof. Nayeemuddin, Shri Jasvir Arora and Shri Sahil put forth the objectives of the march. At 9:30 AM the march commenced from Rajghat with the song “Watan ki khaaq ban-ne walon ka Jai Hind naara hai, Watan pe jaan dene walon ka Jai Hind naara hai.” At 100 Quarters and Delhi Gate, they held brief meetings, conveying the message of harmony and grassroots service to the nation. In Daryaganj they distributed 4000 fliers and met with warm response from the people.

At 11:30 they reached Lal Qila and held a gathering. Mr. Faisal Khan emphasized the need to adhere to truth and non-violence under any circumstances. Prof. V.K. Tripathi said that hatred towards poor neighbours is no nationalism. For the last 250 years all major wars have been imposed by imperialist nations, hence patriotism lies in resisting imperialist designs and dividing tendencies.

The march reinforced that the nation belongs to all –  (watan  ki  khaq  se  paida hua har shakhs apna hai) and we must respect the freedom of others as we do for ourselves – never feel distaste for the caste, religion or status of others, never inflict discrimination or exploit labour. We respect the farmers, artisans and workers who feed the nation, and work for their liberation from exploitation and inequality. Whenever, the notion of superiority of caste, religion or race or selfishness overtakes you, look into your soul. This will bring you closer to each other and unite the nation.

During the foreign rule, we set high example of soul force; we defeated colonialism through truth and non-violence. Today we term slogan shouting as patriotism/ nationalism. We forget that Allaho Akbar, Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev and Bharat Mata ki Jai, uplift our soul when said with humility and innocence and become sin when said to assert our authority with burning hatred. Ninety percent countrymen (farmers and workers of all religions) don’t shout slogans but serve the nation by their deeds (sacrificing half of their earnings to the growth of the nation). Keep their faces in front of your eyes when visualizing the nation and saying Jai Hind. It exhorts  people to break the chains of  hatred (tafarka  aur  taassub  ki  hata  do  saari  janjeerein, mohabbat  ke  parindon  ka yahi Jai Hind naara hai). It, further, adds, “sachayee,  dardmandi  aur  mehnat desh seva hain, yahi  sachchi  ibaadat  hain yahi Jai Hind naara hai.”

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