Is Lord Ganesha’s Festival Slaughtering our Environment?

It is obvious that Ganesha’s Festival bring joy and Zest in not only in India but abroad. We need to know that thousand tonnes of waste is generated in the span of 10 days, the waste is the sludge formed from thermacol and Plaster of Paris. Here is a time just being educated or being aware about the environment is not enough.
Various environmentalists presented their views that” Ganesha’s idols centuries before were made of clay and Eco friendly materials, but now decade has passed which has altered the ways of celebrating the tradition. The idols are made of POP which contains chemicals like gypsum, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium, more than that toxic paint is used to color the idols. Immersion of these idols in the natural water bodies surely damages the environment. It leads to creation of saturation of heavy metal content and organic matter in the rivers, a large amount of flora and fauna are damaged in our ecosystems, Humans are not left in this catastrophe, the water used by humans for various purposes.”
The things we need and can do are! Eco friendly decoration or reuse of thermacol for decoration,  buy Eco friendly Ganesha’s idol, separate the bio degradable waste and dump it at proper place, immerse the idol in artificial lakes or artificial water bodies.
Small efforts by every person can change the scenario; we can keep the tradition alive with all enthusiasm and let the festival go green.

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