Is Bihar the only state with Educational loopholes?

If one goes to remote areas of the country, the rural areas, the tribal belts, it can be found that people are still unaware of mobile phones, television sets are a luxury for them, arranging for one time meal is still an accomplishment. For the intelligentsia, it is easy to decide the level of education imparted to the children in such areas. Lack of schools, lack of infrastructure, lack of students’ participation and inability of government to address such issues is not something which is hidden from the eyes of general public.

It is not that Bihar is the only state where the standards of education are below average with loopholes. But is the only state which is being highlighted and made notoriously (in)famous. So far, there could be two reasons behind tarnishing the State’s image. One being political reasons, the other the culturally oozed prejudice against Biharis.

Last year when the cheating spree was discovered in the state, it was funny for everyone. But gradually, as the cases of Rubina Rai and Ganesh Kumar progressed, the hype of passing percentage of Bihari students, it started reeking of our nasty mindsets. It does not mean one neglects these shortcomings. But there are other aspects as well. It highly likely that many CBSE high scorers lack basic knowledge of their subjects, all across the country. Also, fault lies in the system where a JEE ranker flunks physics and toppers fail to crack the country’s most prestigious exam.
The fact that Bihar is the sole target for all the malfunctions of the educational system, and that all the hue and cry is observed when it comes to Bihar is an indicator of our biased, prejudiced and stereotypical nature.

Their dialect is being made fun of, they’re considered inferior and someone of low standard (not matching upto the the current millennial lifestyle), ridiculed as someone only meant to perform menial jobs.
And thus emerged the current illumination of omnipresent discrepancies with specific fluorescent colours imparted to Bihar. We don’t discriminate when it comes to discrimination, we don’t spare anyone when it comes to prejudice.

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