IP College launches Labour Programme

On Thursday Indraprastha College university fo IP r women launched a Centre for Inter-disciplinary Studies (CIS) as a part of their project, “Hum Sab”. The college for women is one of the most prestigious and oldest college of Delhi university which has managed to secure a CGPA of 3.33( GRADE A), the highest in the university till today. Inauguration ceremony of the College included a conference on ‘Dilli: Perspectives of Delhi – Series 1’.

A cultural activist, Sohail Hashmi was the speaker of the ceremony who discussed Delhi’s heritage and ‘700 years of Assimilation, Adaption, Absorption and Appropriation’. The second session was in the hands of AAP spokesperson Ashutosh who addressed the crowd about ‘The Politics of Bijli Paani’.

The aim of the project was to brush up the skills of workers in the camp and enlighten the knowledge of men, women, youth and children of the same camp enabling skills and information in hope that it will spread the values of social responsibility and voluntarism among the college students.




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