India’s only women technical university: IGDTUW

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University (formerly IGIT) is India’s only women technical university located at one of the prime locations in Delhi, it ranks amongst the top five engineering colleges of the capital. Besides and, it enrolls students of MCA and PhD too. Being a student of this well renowned university, I would like to express my views and experience of being an IGDTUian.
As obvious, being an all – girls university, one can observe heights of sincerity and dedication. The competition level is quite high too. It lets you get an idea about the high level of competition in the outside world.
I really believe that it is no less than a blessing to have such a dedicated and helpful faculty( Being honest, yeah.. there are some exceptions to it, but definitely majority of them falls under the category of “outstanding”!)The knowledge and experience of the staff guides the students to move in the right path towards the achievement of success. And that is the reason, year by year,for an appreciable improvement in the placements that is witnessed.
Besides the academic section, the university is very much active in other things too. The students show active participation in CSI, ACM, IEEE, LFT, Robocon, Supra, … and many more. Along with this, the fests of the college both technical (Tremors, Espectro, Xebec, Impulse ) and cultural (Taarangana) are worth attending and tend to impress each and every person with their success reaching heights. Also, the family of IGDTU makes attempts to celebrate all the festivals together too. Recently, when there were mass bunks on Lohri in other colleges, this college celebrated it with great pleasure in the college campus. Similarly, other festivals are also enjoyed together by the IGDTU family. This keeps the cultural values of the family intact and undoubtedly leads to wave of happiness all around.
Although, for the co-ed school students, it seems a little difficult to adjust in the environment of an all-girls college (as at times, things just get too complicated), but with time and efforts, they just not only get used to it but rather enjoy it too (as the feeling of sisterhood is very special).So, overall, IGDTU turns out to be a university that is passionate about everything!

[author image=”” ]I am Kanika Pasrija, a student of in IGDTU. I am a girl with plenty of hobbies and interests.My passion for writing encourages me to express my views on various topics and working as a Campus reporter at Aapka Times.[/author]

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