If it’s Love?

It is deep down, life changing, earth shaking, always and forever and might sound like poetry and legend stuff. This is what we talk when we talk about love. A love, that is true in every sense. Most people’s idea of true love looks like this: Mr. Right or Miss Right is waiting out there somewhere, ‘the one’ they are destined to be with. And that someone special is looking for them too and it’s only a matter of time before they meet each other and of course they will both live happily ever after. But keeping pace with today’s culture, with the social media, text messaging and online dating, we have revolutionized the meaning of love. Why do you need to go out or wait for ‘the one’?

Believe me, if you are doing this, then you are actually just running away from loneliness, from the fear of being alone, growing old alone and even dying alone. But true love lies beyond that fear. It requires that we lay down our defenses and give up on our planning and fantasizing about the future and start living in the present. Only then we are really ready to love. There is no single definition that binds love. It’s vast. It is there in the small, happy moments of life. Who knows who your true love is, they might be standing next to you, while you are reading this article. He might be your soulmate in disguise of a friend.

A true love is friendship, a love affair, an act of worship, passion, trust, respect and caring. It is an exquisite surrender of ego and your own self to taste the fullness of joy. You don’t have to really know if it is timeless. Because it doesn’t matter. All that matters is this moment of oneness – holy and beautiful.

So just look around, they may just be around the corner!

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Prashasti-Pathak.jpg” ]I am Prashasti Pathak studying English Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia . I am an aspiring writer who has hopes set high to make a career in journalism. I am an avid reader, so I just find myself a corner with a book in my hand whenever I get this opportunity. I think they are the best inspiration for everything that you want to do in life. I love to read Elif Shafak. I also love to sing and watch movies. I would love to travel all around the world, know the people, their culture and history and settle in some small Europian country , perhaps Spain. Poetry, beauty, books & love , this is what I stay alive for ! [/author]

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