‘I think therefore I am’

The heading says all that I want to convey to my readers. Some people are not aware of what Philosophy is. So, to let them know, the literal meaning of Philosophy means love of wisdom. Philosophy is the origin and foundation of all courses. It is also called the ‘Mother of all Sciences’. I’ll tell you why studying philosophy is important- Philosophy has its own significance. You tend to get attached to this subject because the knowledge you get through Philosophy is not only precious, but it is very useful too.

Indian philosophy tells you about your purpose in life. Ethics tell how one should behave in society for the benefit of the society, in moral and ethical ways. Metaphysics teaches you about the existence of oneself and the origin of world. These are some among the number of branches that Philosophy has.

The best thing about Philosophy is that one can connect himself or herself to it. It’s like an attachment which one has with God. Studying Philosophy is like doing meditation. It gives you an optimistic view towards life, helps you in dealing with things and there are many more benefits. You don’t have to study Philosophy- it is always inside a person but the person has no knowledge about it. People in their old age realize its importance. Philosophy gives us a different view towards life, people, and the world. Only a Philosophy student can understand the perks of studying Philosophy. And being one, I want to share some of them with my readers. ?

Firstly, Philosophy helps in enhancing one’s personality. Moreover, it makes you aware of your importance in the world. It defines the existence of a being. Philosophy helps to think ethically and inspires one to do things which are morally correct according to the society. Philosophy gives a person their own unblinded perspective and makes them capable of reasoning their presence. Philosophy believes that everybody has their own perspective and no one can state the other person wrong by giving their perspective.

I’d like to share a very famous line given by Immanuel Kant ‘as for me, all I know is that nothing.’

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