How toppers cracked JEE Main exam

Every year numerous students get themselves enrolled forJEE Main Exam, and with each passing year, it becomes a bit challenging for the students to clear the exams and get seats in their preferred colleges.

The difficulty level gets further increased through the more extensive curriculum and fierce competition from other candidates. You have books, mentors, good coaching, but still, you cannot succeed, the factor which is missing here is motivation and guidance.

Budding students from class 9th-12th, who are preparing for JEE along with their regular study course, need a good dose of motivation to remain dedicated and focused on the same level of concentration.

The JEE preparation tips provided by the rank holders always inspire the students and helps them to get ready for the upcoming examinations in the best possible way.

Best tips to crack JEE Main Examinations

Strive hard but don’t stress: If you wish to clear JEE Main Exams with flying colours, make sure you strive hard to achieve the desired result. However, taking stress during the examinations can have negative impacts on the marks. The students should remain burden free during the time of the examination and should be confident enough with their answers. The key factors of success depend mainly upon hard work, confidence and a stress-free mind.

Higher concentration during subject preparation: Hours doesn’t count when you study; it’s the concentration that matters. With a proper level of attention, a student is able to put the matters into their brain that they have gathered after studying. Therefore toppers recommend JEE aspirants to devote themselves thoroughly during their study time.

Prepare a time-table for all the subjects: Debaditya Pramanick, an IIT Kharagpur topper within a ranking of 100, has an exciting take on clearing JEE Main Examination. He advises everyone to make a sharp-edged strategy with focused preparation that will help them to be among the top 50 scorers. He said that by preparing a time table and allocating time to all the subjects, a student could get better results.

Assess and work on weak areas: JEE Topper Saurav Yadav, said that in the beginning of his standard 11th, he had dedicated five hours separately for his JEE preparations. He gives stress to the fact that students should assess their weak areas, and once they are done with it, they should start working on it. This helps the students to improve their skills ultimately and grow further.

Knowledge will lead the way: Ramya Narayanaswamy was among the toppers in girl in the year 2017, and she motivates other girls to pursue the career of engineering. She asked all the candidates to clear the basic concept and remain peaceful during their preparation of JEE examination. If students are exposed to proper knowledge, then the rest of the things like numbers and ranks will follow accordingly.

Extended study session should be avoided: It is recommended that students shouldn’t devote long hours to study. A stretched study session will ultimately lead to stress and exhaustion in the students. Thus it becomes a necessity that students should clear the concept and focus on practising the problems.

Outline a perfect study plan: Outlining an ideal study plan includes giving a minimum of 4-5 hours to every subject like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To avoid any misconception and confusion, the students should take breaks in between. Relaxation doesn’t overload the brain, and this helps to memorise the content better.

Finish the syllabus within stipulated time: Students should make a proper plan for their JEE preparation as this will be beneficial for them to complete the syllabus and revise all the subjects within a stipulated time. Overburdening themselves with study during the last moment can have harmful consequences.

Avoid rush during JEE Paper: It is important that JEE aspirants should have a motivating driving factor, which is very crucial for one’s success. Many students feel like quitting it in between since the journey is a hard one. In most cases, the approach of the students is wrong as they rush to answer the question. It is advised that at first, the students should look carefully at the question paper, plan a strategy to answer it and then proceed. Students should also focus on a stable preparation of their JEE Paper.

Follow good books for JEE Preparation: There is an abundance of books available in the market for JEE Preparation. However, it is necessary that students must select appropriate books that are furnished with reasonable answers, practice set and mock tests. By having access to proper coaching materials and giving regular mock tests, one can quickly solve questions. It can help the students to secure good marks in the examination.

Start the Preparation Early: Students who aspire to crack their JEE Main Examsshould start their preparations early. It is better if a student begins to prepare from class 10-11th. It helps them to have enough time; they can make an in-depth preparation and revise the topic twice for JEE exams.

Self- Discipline is the key to success: It is okay if students follow and practise self- discipline from an early age. IITian Shubham Goel opines that he developed the self-discipline to crack the JEE examinations. He furthers states that a constant competition from self and the hunger to outperform every time is the key driving factor that has pushed him this far.

To learn from mistakes and practise regularly: There is a famous proverb that practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, students should regularly exercise and solve their problem. They should stick to their JEE syllabus and try to learn new things from their teachers and mentors. Constant practice helps the students to identify and discover the areas of their mistakes.

By following the suggested tips, it will guide and motivate the students to take a step further. But it is equally essential for the students to implement them in their real life and start working on it. The tips backed by an effective strategy will help them to crack their JEE Main Exams with promising numbers.

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