Historic Blood Group Sampling Drive by SOCH and Blood Bank AMU

Historic Blood Group Sampling Drive initiated at Historic Strachey Hall (Foundation Place of Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College, Aligarh Muslim University) by SOCH …beyond the imagination (A Social Organisation of AMU students) in collaboration with blood bank JNMC (Dept of Pathology)

Dr Blakar Singh (DM Aligarh) inaugurated the camp. Dr Balkar Singh said that during accident when we need blood in emergency, if one knows his blood group it becomes easy.
this initiative taken by SOCH is an appreciable effort, He motivated the students for such a Nobel job and promised all kind of possible support. He also said that this type of camp should be organised in different parts of Cities also.

Prof Sayedul Hasan Arif (Incharge blood bank JNMC),Prof Sayeedur Rahman, Prof Anwar Khursheed, Prof Suhail Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr Nasir Salati, Dr Kashif Razi, Dr Faheem Javed, Dr Asim Israr Khan, Mr Saad Hameed, Mr Yunus Khan were also present.

Prof Sayeedul Hasan Arif (Incharge Blood Bank) said that members of SOCH had organised various Blood Donation Camps in past also. This is an Unique idea and we will provide all basic logistic support to the Team.

President of SOCH Dr Saleem Mohammad Khan informed that they will take samples from 30,000 students and 5,000 Employees of  Aligarh Muslim University and will
prepare a Blood Group Record that will help Organisation & University during emergency need of Particular group of blood.

Dr Kashif Razi (Radiation Oncologist) said that he will be personally attached to this project and will help by all possible means.

Dr Danish Suhail Organiser of the Event & Secretary of SOCH said that during dengue season there is increased demand of Blood/Platelets. If we will be having Blood Group Directory our task will become easier in helping the needy.

Student Leader Liyakat Khan and Former Students Union Secretary Shahzeb Ahmad Ashu said that apart from Students Union Plateform SOCH is a a very good Plateform to serve humanity & completing our social responsibilities towards Society.

Faraz Murtaza, Faraz Islam, Amood Gulzar, Yusra Khan, Wakkas Raza, Zaid Malik, Sartaj Alam, Mohsin Hasan, Furqan Khan, Faisal, Salman, Malik Afzal, Rehan Khan, Rameez Usmani, Affan Raza, Raquib Ansari, Thakur Vishant Singh, Mir Akhter, Saif Khan, Muntazar Imam Naqvi, Tabish Ashrafi, Adil Naseer, Shahrukh were actively involved in making event a successful.

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