Hiding behind Euphemism : Rape and Eve Teasing

[box type=”shadow” ]I was in a hurry to board the metro. It was already very crowded when I got in. Suddenly, I noticed a man staring at me and passing lewd remarks. As I got out, I could still see him following me. Asking the people passing by for too yielded nothing. It was then that I decided to do something on my own.
– Ananya Burman, Engineering Student[/box]
This 18 year-old girl is just one of the many who, in some form or the other, face sexual harassment every day. Newspapers these days are filled with reports and articles about Eve Teasing, Molestation and Rape – all of which are forms of Sexual Harassment depending upon the ‘degree’. In the Indian term “eve-teasing,” the word “eve” alludes to the biblical story of Eve tempting Adam to stray from the path of righteousness.

An Oxford English Dictionary definition for “teasing” is “to tempt someone sexually with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused.” Both parts of the term put the blame on the woman; she is the temptress who isn’t providing something she has promised. The man is therefore fully within his rights to take it forcibly; or at least, his actions or reactions are understandable. The films are to be blamed too as almost every film showcases women as fragile, easy ‘targets’. One can see the hero pulling off the ‘duppata’ of the heroine and though she is seen getting angry, it later turns out that she is secretly in love with him. It is ironic that films like Ranjhanaa -which promote stalking and eve teasing- earn big bucks irrespective of that such films inspire tons of ‘roadside romeos’ to treat women as objects of sexual desires, which brings us to Rape.

Comedian George Carlin quipped that one day we may hear a rape victim called “an unwilling sperm recipient.” The films can again be called the culprits here.Every time a movie releases which has a rape scene, the ‘victim’ has only two choices – either she marries the man who raped her or she commits suicide – both to prevent further shame on her family. This exploitation of women – which is both physical and mental – must be stopped. After all until when would a father think twice before sending her daughter to some distant place to complete her studies, until when would we worry about our daughter’s, wife’s or sister’s safety if she has to work till night. For this, we need to sop preaching and ACT. And yes – “Our bark needs to be more harsh if it is to have any bite”

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Shruti.jpg” ]I am Shruti Niraj pursuing Bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication from Maharaja Agrasen institute of Management studies, Delhi. My pen and voice are two strongest weapons of mine.[/author]

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