Healthy Drinks For Fresher’s Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Fresher’s party is nearby and enthusiasm is at peak but theskin is not glowing, acne is not leaving, so much sunburn moreover it’s looking so dull and unhealthy. Being a fresher is not easy because of irregular sleeping patterns,morning lectures, no more home food andcarelessly spending pennies on junks thus missing out on important nutrients.

Say “NO” to carbonated drinks and incorporate the glow boosting pocket friendly drinks to your diet for the gorgeous and luscious skin.

  1. Aloe Vera juice

No more struggling with acne when you start your day empty stomach with Aloe Vera juice.

It not only keeps acne at bay as well as savingfrom sunburn and enhances the skin health. According to a research, aloe has the ability to reach deepest body tissues some 7 layers deep. So, don’t miss this anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory drink.

  • Lemon water

Vitamin C of lemon water rejuvenates the skin from inside and outside. It keeps the body hydrated and removes toxins from the body. Lemon water improves skin quality and helps in lightening the skin.

  • Coconut water

It is a super Hydrator drink and gives a glowing, smooth and even-toned skin. It even acts as a natural moisturizer for skin. Dab some cotton in coconut water and apply on face for instantly rehydrating the skin.

(Written by: Priya Singhal, a nutritionist by profession and an alumnus of Lady Irwin College & IHM Pusa, nutritionist )

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