In his facebook post Ex Supreme Court Judge Katju came up with his criticism on the recent JNU happenings. Mentioning about his stand that he clearly agrees and stands wit the concept of freedom of speech and expression, differs with the JNU happenings asking whether  the university  has produced creative and scientific idea since its inception. Comparing  with universities like  Haward and the nobel laureates from here  because of scientific discoveries ,he criticizes Indian researches as products of plagarism .
” many JNU students know how to shout slogans like ‘azadi” and ‘halla bol’, but to me these sound like a fashion. Kanhaiya and his associates talk of azadi from poverty, exploitation, etc. for the Indian people, but have they ever thought scientifically how this is to be achieved ? I am not doubting their courage and sincerity, but I regard them as totally superficial

I am against levying criminal charges against these students, as I have already mentioned in my earlier post, though I personally disapprove of such slogans” – says Katju, giving his views upon the case of Kanhaiyya’s activism and university .

He further condemns the charges of sedition on the students calling it completely inappropriate, calls the slogans raised on 9 February as wrong and calls out for a need to create a unification of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India under a secular government. Katju slams the atrocities  happening in Kashmir among muslims and hindus both and asks for a scientific solution to these problems than going after emotional and superficial slogans of azadi and halla boll
” Kashmir was independent only till 1587 when the last Kashmiri ruler Yusuf Shah Chak was deposed by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar who incorporated Kashmir into the Mughal Empire. Thereafter it continued as a province of the Mughal Empire for a long time ( see the accounts of the visits to Kashmir by the Mughal Emperors in Akbarnama, Jehangirnama and Shahjehannama ). After a spell of Sikh and Dogra rule ( who too were not Kashmiris ), Kashmir again became part of India under the British. So after 1587 Kashmir was never really independent, but was part of India.

Were the Mughal gardens like Shalimar, Nishat and Chashme- Shahi built by Kashmiris ? No, they were built by the Mughals, as their summer resorts. Kashmiri labourers may have been used for building them, but the idea and architects were Mughal. And the Mughals were Indians, not Kashmiris. No doubt the founder of the Mughal rule, Babur, was a foreigner, but from the time of Akbar onwards the Mughals were thoroughly Indianized. Their capital was Agra ( and later Delhi ) which are in India not Kashmir, and the Mughals regarded themselves as Indians, not foreigners.
Do people who demand azadi from India really understand its implications ? Today in almost every town in India there are shops of Kashmiris selling carpets, shawls and handicraft products. When I went to Kovalam beach near Trivandrum in Kerala I found many shops run by Kashmiris there. The same is the situation all over India. All these Kashmiri businessmen will be ruined if Kashmir becomes independent.” says his recent facebook post.

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