Harsh Malik:Jamia student rocking Universities through Basketball

Harsh Malik, a boy from Meerut, passed out from Army Public School, dreams of achieving great success in a non popular game in India- basketball.In 2006, at the age of 14, he played his first national championship. After 2006, he couldn’t play due to some reasons. But after three years from then, he directly represented Roorkee in senior team in Uttarakhand.Now he is pursuing Masters in International Business from Jamia Millia Islamia university.After working hard and persistently for certain years, he became part of Uttarakhand gold medal winning team in a match held recently and was also a part of Jamia’s team which played quarterfinals at All India University Championship.

Harsh Malik(Right)
Harsh Malik(Right)

Here are excerpts of conversation we had with him:

Sandeep(Aapka Times): Every achiever has a story behind the great success achieved. What incidents or experiences motivated you to pursue your goals?
Harsh Malik: I went to DAV Chandigarh for my higher studies. I tried hard to be a part of Punjab University team but I failed. My good time started from year 2014 when I got admission in JMI. Our team is very hard working and we qualified for All India University championship after beating Punjab University, which has 5 international players, by 2 points. After coming back from All India University Championship, I spent a whole day with my family. Then I went to Roorkee for national games trial and got selected. In the camp I was with Indian team players, former captain and to play with them was my dream. I practiced hard with them and I got selected and learned a lot of things from them and won a gold medal there.

Sandeep: What or who is the main source of motivation in your life?
Harsh Malik: I am self motivated and my father is my inspiration who is former international volleyball player and I want to work hard and want to become like him.

Sandeep: How did you cope up with your academics- in terms of time devotion and dedication?
Harsh Malik: It’s very hard to cope with academics at this level as it needs a lot of hard work and dedication. But during rest period I tried to study as studies are also necessary.

Sandeep: How does it feel when you with your determination and lots of hard work are able to make so many people proud of you?
Harsh Malik: I feel great when people congratulate me for my achievement. I am thankful to my family, my teammates, my coaches and all those who helped me in succeeding.

Sandeep:Being an inspiration for the youngsters, do you have any special message that you would like to give to all of us?
Harsh Malik:  Word hard, play hard. One day you will achieve success and don’t fear anything.

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