What happened during KK’s concert in DU with a girl will leave you ashamed

KK’s concert would left Meghna gobsmacked rather with soulful rhythms to cherish, she will come back with a semen-stained trousers, and even her worst nightmare wouldn’t have given filthy chills like this. Isn’t it a Semi-rape condition? Only the guy’s cock couldn’t find courage to stand a little higher in the crowd of thousands. Infuriated, embarrassed, Meghna Singh, didn’t let it go like that. She posted the story on social media yesterday night which rapidly gained 1.9k views till now. Power of social media, eh? While she is being smacked down by her own gender for over reacting, and of course by other gender she is simply backlashed. Here is an excerpt from Meghna’s recent social media post:

As far as seeking attention is concerned, YES I AM SEEKING YOUR ATTENTION and NO, NOT FOR FOLLOWERS. I did not see that guy and don’t have any material evidence to find out who he is, least I can do is take a stand for myself. I just want people to know that things and people like these exist and yes they stoop down to this level. We need to be aware. Girls going to concerts should know that this could happen to them and shouldn’t convince themselves to not react, because duh? This happens. Reaction, retaliation are needed. This happens on a daily basis and is nothing new, but I don’t want to generalise this and make it something you should get “used to” by not talking about it. Stop okay? Speak up, I won’t delete all the stupid stuff people commented because Haq sabko hai bolne ka. Bolo please.
Don’t wait for similar things to happen to other people and derive justice from their lives. I am for myself and will talk about it, post about it and act on it as and when I want to.
“Worst-case scenarios should be the first-case scenarios”
Rest is on you to infer

As people can’t digest a guy leaking off his precious semen on some pair of old rugged denims, they have better excuses to identify it with lassi/toothpaste/ or some chemical. Right, a guy can’t be a sweet little pervert for wasting his cute little babies like that, but yes, he did that. And partially quite a number of boys are sorry about that. Perversion is justified but showing affection in public, no, it is not.

Meghna Singh is pursuing B.A (Hons.) History from Miranda House, New Delhi. The incident that compelled her to post a picture of her semen-stained trousers along with the story, happened during a DU college fest on Thursday. Where college fests rejuvenates students from monotonous college schedule, such incidents does happened and go unnoticed, and in case they are noticed they are ignored and hushed, because ‘yeah sab to chalta rehta hai’. But, sorry ‘aj kal k lardiyan zayda hi feminist ban gayi hai’. Perhaps, Feminism isn’t about riding cool bikes, wearing men’s outfit and being cool, it’s more about protecting dignity of womanhood. As Meghna Singh told Hindustan Times, “I came home and changed out of my jeans only to see semen stains on it. And then I realised, that the guy who had been feeling me up from behind during KK’s performance had jerked off on me… It was really crowded so I assumed that it may have been unintentional. It’ not the kind of thing that you would expect to happen at a college festWhen he touched me again, I turned around and pushed him away, asking him to back off. Scared that I would create a scene, he abruptly left the place.

Soon after the elaborated celebration of International Women’s Day national capital would plunge another embarrassing story to ponder us upon the ethics, discipline, Morales, Where are we heading? Of course, in this scenario, to a bold and decisive society, where if you touch woman in public, they will yell about, because without consent touching is not allowed. Remember,

“’No’ is the most powerful word that you have in your vocabulary”.

It was a matter of fact, this girl choose to spoke about it via a social platform, and it’s perfectly fine, to speak up what hurts you, scares you and above all what harass you.


(Written by: Asna Azhar)

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