Gopal Shetty – won with a record margin

Jainish Shah for Aapka Times:
Gopal Shetty from BJP won over the North Mumbai constituency with victory margin of more than 4,56,399 votes, which is one of the highest in the nation.
The congress contestant and the former MP Sanjay Nirupam was shocked to see this one sided results. Nirupam accused the BJP of tampering the EVMs and said “The process of EVMs is undemocratic and the Election Commission should order a probe into the functioning of machines that are now being stored in strongrooms”.
Talking about Gopal Shetty, he is representing Borivali constituency for the past 22 years that include three terms as a Corporator and two terms as MLA. Very popular person due to various projects and development in his area.
Born in a poor mill worker’s family, starting from a small Yuvak Mandal in 1968, today Shetty has won the elections with such a big victory margin.

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