Go Gadget Go

Now a days the latest gadgets are increasing rapidly with the advent of new technology l.In markets we find no of gadgets related to every field of Human beings. The Human race is also attracted and habituated to these latest trends. In the every field we can see these development at present. Mobiles become the minimum Gadget for the human beings .
There are number of mobiles for humans and the cost is also reasonable .Android is the leading operating system followed by windows,Blackberry,Ios,Windows is taken by Microsoft and it released mobile under the name Microsoft 535(model name). Xiaomi,one plus,panasonic,Moto E,Moto G,Moto X,Asus etc are the other trending mobiles .The cost is reasonable for all the people .Android has many changes in it and in last month it released new Android version 5 under the name Lollipop .We can get a mobile around 5000-6000rs with all the required needs in it and if we can afford around 15000rs we can get a best featured mobile .
The Apple phones cost around 45000rs but the security is more for it when compared to others. Xiaomi is the one latest trending phone in India it cost around 6000rs.In online they kept 20000 pieces they were sold with in 2 seconds and it created history .It is also releasing the Xiaomi note and it has any features .One plus is also one of trending mobile with its features. The Google als has many changes in it .If we give a short hint to it then it finds for us .It works more efficiently because all users around the world depends on it for any information to find out. Computers and laptops are also rapidly increasing in their models .They are giving many features in it based on configuration and its rate also .
For 25000rs we are getting a minimum laptop with our necessary requirements in it. This technology is also developed in the field of Treatment .For ex Laser treatment for ulcers,eye treatment etc.For cancer also medicines have been introduced.We use these technology in the fields of Online booking,recharge,shopping,banking etc. The Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are the main reasons behind it .The term Artificial intelligence gives the information to the system and Machine learning means by taking the information it gives the output to the users .For example we enter any keyword to the search engine it gives the list of words that associate with it. Stephen Hawking said that feature Artificial intelligence is taking over the humankind in every field as it works efficiently .Robots are also used in many places for works .Humanoid robots are being replaced in positions of human beings as they work more efficiently than the human beings . This is all about the latest trending in gadgets .That gives more use to the humankind for every aspect.

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