A generation ago, “community service” was a punishment. Maybe that’s because the good students weren’t exactly jumping out of bed at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning to serve hot meals at a local shelter or collect trash . Today, though, more and more students are giving up their leisure time to help out their communities. A group of teenagers who took the words of Mahatma Gandhi-‘be the change you wanna see’, seriously, wake up early every Sunday to clean a part of Bangalore, spread awareness about use of plastic covers, smoking or urinating in public places.When asked to describe what their organization-Lets be the change does briefly, Anirudh Dutt, a core members of LBTC, said “We are a group of teenagers who are willing to change our environment and surroundings in a positive manner”.

Over the past 8 months LBTC has done numerous cleantons in HSR layout, banashankari, ayurvedic medical college, phatabiramnagar,KR road and KR market. But LBTC does not stop at just cleaning these places, they ensure that public urination is stopped by painting the walls, they do door to door awareness about waste segregation. LBTC has unique and innovative ways of creating awareness! Shout outs, freeze mobs, short movies and the list goes on..LBTC is not limiting its vigor to only cleaning up bangalore, they placed water bowls for animals to beat the summer heat in collaboration with ANIBIN and YFS. They also actively involve in pet adoption drives with Precious Paws, freeze mobs with I Lead India and shout outs at jayanagar, colorthon for under priviliged, pavement painting and many such similar events.

LBTC is continuously doing their part to make this a better place.They are aptly named ‘Lets be the change’. YFS recognized and appreciated the efforts of LBTC by presenting them with ‘Best visionary award’.If a group of 18 to 21 years old young adults can make this big an impact on environment and society. Now its time for the rest of us to buckle up and to do our part, that does not mean cleaning the roads or public places but maintaining the public places clean. Let us learn to contribute in our own way. Its time to change by taking small steps for a big result.


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