Generous Beggar distributed gold earrings and books

A beggar named Khimjibhai Prajapati turned out to be an angel for the girl children of Anganwadi School. Prajapati has always been distributing books but it came as a surprise when he gifted the girls with gold earrings. The ten girls were given one earring each.
Prajapati collects money by begging. With money, he usually gives books and clothes.One of the ten girls, three year old Bhoomi and her mother are ecstatic. Her mother said,” we had never even dreamt that even we could own gold.”Prajapati states the reason for his charity as encouragement that all girl children needs in their education. He believes they need to be self dependant, in the wake of skewed sex ratio of Mahasana District.
The head of Anganwadi, Sheetal Sathwara is surprised. The jeweler, Deepak Shah, reduced the price of the earrings when he learnt for whom they were being purchased for.Now that all the money has been spent, Bhikajibai Prajapati is again ready to beg for a good deed. But his good deed did get more encouragement. A woman who recently got transferred, gave him 500rs before leaving.

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