Gay Rights! Or Wrongs ?

( by Shivam Shukla)

I’ve been taught since my childhood that India is largest democracy in the world, I’ve been taught that a democracy is the rule “of the people,by the people,for the people “.

You must be wondering what am I talking about??

Well, the other day , I was watching Kapoor and sons , totally in awe of the movie , I went back home thinking about my family. But one more thing that caught my attention was , quite obviously, the character of Fawad Khan. One thing , I don’t know if anyone else noticed was that Fawad Khan’s character had actually came out of the closet in abroad where he lived , it was only in India that he was living under the closet.

It was since then , I wanted to write about this topic , I researched and talked to people, generally teenagers and I got to know how grave this problem actually is.

Here are some of the responses I have been able to find out :

“The day you come out , you find out who your real friends are. You might even lose 9/10ths of your friends. Even many of those who initially said “it’s alright,we’re still friends” only say that out of sympathy and don’t mean it , slowly they too will walk away. ”

“I was bullied. I was the effeminate guy in the class , I was so concours at that time , that I didn’t know how to walk fine , how to talk fine, or even sleep fine. Everything about me started seeming wrong , so much so that , I started detesting myself. I just started praying that, if not straight, I was hopefully bisexual but not homosexual.”

“During the recess , my friends used to talk about Rakhi Sawant or Katrina Kaif , while I couldn’t stop thinking about John Abraham’s butt in Dostana , though I kept all my feeling to myself , I was often pelted with words like “Chakka, Hijra” , I can’t explain what I went through, I didn’t have any option but to leave India as soon as I completed my education ”

These kind of responses were shocking , people in our society are so narrow minded that they even think of homosexuality as a disease , while some ( Baba Ramdev) claim to cure it with yoga . An even worse thing is that parents actually do take their children to doctors. An episode of Aamir Khan’s popular television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was aired addressing the same issue , where a psychologist asked a question from Aamir “if I asked you today not to look at women , but to consider men sexually , would you be able to do it ??” His obvious answer was “No” , so how can we expect the same from a homosexual boy or a girl.

The problem is much broader , talking about the politics our beloved prime minister choose to stay quiet while he can speak continuously on hygiene in India. Our politicians believe that while rape is just a minor mistake by boys , homosexuality is something against our “culture”.

So , according to me,a more precise statement about democracy would be that it is the rule “of the MAJORITY,by the MAJORITY,for the MAJORITY “.(sigh)

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