Freedom MODIfied ?

Warning! The following article contains a certain view. If you are allergic/intolerant /easily Butt hurt by anything please don’t read further.
The true meaning of democracy is for the people ,of the people and by the people . This is a political system where in the common man is the foundation stone of the government as he/she is electing the representative to represent his/her problems in the government and the elected representatives are a part of that society in which he/she is living. Such a lovely system indeed.But when the representatives of the people don’t tend to do their jobs properly and in order to bring them back on track common people are given a tool named right to dissent. Right to dissent means “The right to express any opinion in public without censorship or restraint by the government, for the people to show their resentment .”
Coming on the heavy words like RIGHT TO DISSENT, FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The recent case of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University where in two dalit law students who protested against the prime minister, by shouting out slogans like Rohith hum sharminda hain, Dronachanrya abhi zinda hai (Rohith, we are ashamed that Dronacharya is still alive’). This act of dissent was done in order to protest against the forced suicide of Rohith Vemula a 26 years old Phd student and activist .
The students were detained in the local police station and we’re evicted from the guest house. There are many instances for that matter where in the protesting people have been termed as anti nationals. The classic example is of JNU (jawaharlalnehru university ) which according to some officials of modi government is hub of anti national things ,only because the students are aware of their rights ? Late Rohith Vemula was also termed as an anti national entity only because he protested against the things that he think was wrong for nation’s welfare.
Now the questions rise. The government whose supporters/ officials openly lash out on minority and use words like “kutta”… are they not anti nationals? ABVP openly Threats The Wire’s Founding Editor at Aallahbad University, but they aren’t anti-nationals. When Sunny Dedha (member of ABVP ,Rss student and also the vice president of dusu ) vandalized the principal’s office of a renowned college ,it is said that he was only protesting ! Why is he being not kicked out of his position and why he has not being termed as an anti national ? Only and only because they are a part of the ruling party that’s why ?
Now the questions are :
Is the act of dissent is deliberately confused with act of hooliganism ?
Is the act dissent only for the ruling party ?
Is the government becoming more dictatorial in nature ?

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