10 Food joints in and out at Jadavpur University

You are in Jadavpur University and you haven’t been able to taste the tea at Shyamol Da?
Well then must ate the ‘Dhoper chop’ at Milon Da?
Must have had a adda at AC canteen then? Still an answer is no?
Jadavpur is literature, music, science, protests and also is food. Its in and out canteens make Jadavpur one which we call Jadavpur.Let us travel the 58 acres campus and discover what it has to offer us:

1. A.C. Canteen

An Adda hub of all the in house ‘Atel’- intellectual just inside the campus after a righ turn. Definately its name suggest an all air conditioned place but actual name being Aminity Centre Canteen surely will clear all doubts. Taste the most cheap food in JU here while enjoying the free wifi over countless addas.

2. Milon Da

Right opposite the campus attraction ‘Worldview’ resides the canteen of Milon Da, offering the troll ‘Dhoper Chop’ to everyone it has its share of agony, claiming to have the most watered tea at the world. Although if you are at Worldview, bump here and grap a fountain of Coke.

3. Moni da(Bonami)

Expensive of all, but food offered tremendous. Residing just beside the lotus pond of Ug Arts, the canteen here has your favourite pasta and noodles speciality. Crispy baby corn and spring rolls are a must try. And at summers and winters, seasons speciality are served. Mixed fruit Pudeens at summers and Kachoris at Winters. Mouthwatering.

4. Sujit Da
sujit da

Walk towards the one and only Open Air Theatre at JU and find your ‘pocket crunch phase’ place. Sujit Da though offers the most healthy food with dishes like parotha-chilly chicken and more such combos at reasonable rates. Jadavpur breakfasts here.

5. Post Office Canteen
post office

You are at Greenzone and need something to eat? Here is your ‘having adda’ place with a proper afternoon meal. order your ‘bhat-dal-mach’, they have seasons fresh each time. A pocket saver.

6. Suruchi(Ashirbad)

Just near the engineering playground and ‘jheel paar’, you have your continental cuisine zone. Pulao;done. Dosa;done. Chowmin;done. Dahi Vada;done. Being a student pocket money range, with much to provide and nice seating arrangements, suruchi is here for hungry stomachs.

7. Staff Canteen

Near the Engineering union room, a canteen offering snacks, meals and drinks at reasonable rates. With a huge seating area, you can spot your proffesors eating your favourite dish there. Fried rice-chilly chicken being the best seller.

8. CET canteen
cet canteen

Looking for authentic bengali cuisine? CET canteen is the place. Offering complimentary meals of bhat with fish curry, egg curry and chicken specialities, it can be your lunch spot everyday. Just opposite the JU Electrical Engineering department, also with full speed wifi.

9. Shipin la Denzong

A small chineese stall just besides Char no. gate is offering the taste of China just within your pocket money. Thukpa, Tai Po, Momo Specialities and pork dishes, if you find a craving for juicy momos, stop by here.

10. Shyamol Da Tea Stall

Acclaimed by The Times Of India, Shyamol Da runs his own cafe with hot pouring tea, maggie, toast and flavoured biscuits. Tea is love, hence the recipe of Shyamol Da. Join in. At Char no. gate JU.
From Jadavpur with love.
Bon Apetite!!

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