Five girly things to keep in mind while getting ready for the college

For you must be one of those college girls who love to hang out with your friends in and around your college campus, clicking number of selfies and groupfies and then post it, here are five ways to make your hangouts and your groupfies more cool in your own terms;

  1. Lessen accessories – Try to be casual as much as you can. You can wear those trendy casual accessories but at a minimal use. Doing all the “masti wala stuff” in your college time, you need not to be more gauche by wearing those shiny and heavy earrings, pendants, bangles as it can trouble you for no reason. Try to take some simple and urbane accessories if you love to wear them.
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  2. Carry stonewashed colors in your wardrobe: while going college, you can see girls carrying light blue denim and faded t-shirts. Well, faded colors are a trend as they promote casualty in your personality; free, wild, and classy all together.
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  3. Say no to dupattas; well if you love ethnic wear then forget about carrying that long dupattas on your salwar kameej. It’s a college girls, to look stylish wearing your favorite kurti and salwar, exclude the dupattas from your wardrobe. You can also wear neck closed kurti if you’re not comfortable without a dupatta.
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  4. Time to style your hair: whether it is jeans or kurti, all you need to do with your hair is to lose them free. Let them breathe and they will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Exceptions do exist, if you have really long hair that are difficult to set free, adopt the art of messy buns. Yeah, try out some messy buns or high buns as it looks carefree, casual and beautiful too.
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  5. Give your lips a hot bold look -Yes, try a hot red or orange lipstick keeping your eyes nude which would definitely look bold on your casual wear. Avoid any sort of foundation, compacts and eye shadows since your rest of make-up need to look subtle.
    girly thingSo, you can try all of these to explore yourself this semester and decide how to dress up in your next semester for a change. Good luck girls!

[author image=”” ]Nishi Dangi is pursuing English literature in Bharati College, Delhi University, Delhi. [/author]

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