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Life is an awful, ugly place without a friend. Indeed. This goes right for celebrities and famous personalities around the world too. You can be quite amazed to find out how different yet how close they are. We don’t really come to know about their personal lives unless they hang around publicly. Here are a few pair of personalities who call each other besties; some since childhood while some found their pals with time.

1. The dashing Hollywood actors Leonardo Di Caprio & our Spiderman aka Tobey Maguire have been childhood buddies and remain to carry their friendship through all these years. They say fame and stardom can’t change the friendship. Guess this goes well for them.

2. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were mates when they were kids and the Hollywood stars are best mates even now. In fact their friendship got such a hype that a hit-off Broadway play was written called Matt & Ben. Amazing!

3. David Beckham & Tom Cruise are stars of their own fields but buddies for each other. The ace footballer considers the Mission Impossible star as one of the most wonderful persons he has ever met. They have become good friends over time, admitted both of them.

4. The annoyingly handsome duo of Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been pals for more than a decade. They have been starred together a few times in movies like Ocean 13, where they even make their personal lives private jokes. How cool is that, right?

5. Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather are one of the most unusual pals in this list. Their friendship is quite trending these days. Pop brat Bieber and World Champion boxer Mayweather have been inseparable ever since they arrived in the same city, Las Vegas. They have been spotted together many times. Bieber once reportedly entered the ring to celebrate Mayweather’s victory.

6. Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar – the two cricket legends have mentioned multiple times that they are incredibly close friends since many years. In fact, Lara visits Sachin’s home everytime he visits India.

7. Sir Vivian Richards and Sir Ian Botham – Ian Botham considers Sir Viv his brother. They have been best of the mates the cricketing world has ever had. However Sir Ian and Sir Viv were great rivals on field but remain great friends to this day.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Maxwell have been friends since their Ajax days a decade ago and the pair has been inseparable ever since , with both having played together at Inter Milan and Barcelona. In his autobiography ‘I am Zlatan’, the Swedish striker tells about their friendship on several occasions.

9. Author friends Truman Capote and Harper Lee were neighbours from the time they were young. They had a very reciprocal friendship. Capote helped edit and promote To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee’s best work while Lee helped Capote do research for In Cold Blood. She also based the character of ‘Dill’ in To Kill a Mockingbird on Capote. Their friendship made an impact on American Literature.

10. Singing star Katy Perry and ‘Raising Hope’ actress Shannon Woodward have been best friends since they were 18. They have been hanging out together at parties and festivals. They even attend each other’s movie screenings and music releases. Woodward even appeared in Katy’s music video ‘Hot n Cold’.
So, did you feel friendship getting grand?

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