Faisal Abidi shares 4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Digital Fraudsters

The digital age has brought along both opportunities and risks, and it seems that the bad guys are taking advantage of both in order to target innocent people who are simply trying to live their lives. If you want to protect yourself from digital fraudsters, scammers, and spammers, use these four tips shared by Faisal Abidi of RNF Technologies to your advantage as often as possible. You never know what’s around the corner!

1) Use 2-Step Verification
To protect yourself from digital fraudsters, scammers, and spammers on social media—as well as any other email accounts you might have—it’s a good idea to enable two-step verification. When you enable two-step verification, in addition to your password (which you provide at login), you will be required to enter a code that is texted or emailed directly to your phone number before logging in.

2) Sign up for text alerts
You can protect yourself from scammers, spammers, and fraudsters by signing up for text alerts via your wireless carrier. Many companies offer SMS or text-message warnings when your account is being used in a suspicious way, such as when someone is trying to access it without permission. If you set it up properly, you’ll receive an alert every time one of these unusual transactions occurs.

3) Turn on two-factor authentication
To protect yourself from digital fraudsters, it’s important to use two-factor authentication wherever possible. Two-factor authentication requires users to log in with their username and password, plus a special access code. There are a few different ways you can achieve two-factor authentication—it’s most common with Internet banking, but many other websites support it as well. If you don’t already have two-factor authentication turned on, now is a good time to get started.

4) Disable SMS Forwarding
If your phone is connected to your Facebook account, you can disable SMS forwarding by going into your Account Settings. Under Mobile, uncheck the box that says Messages and click Save Changes. This will ensure that scam artists don’t have access to both of your communication channels.

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