Exclusive interview with Megha Arup, Actress and Mrs. India 2013


  • 25-01-2015

An actress, a software engineer, a doting mom Megha Arup is the winner of Mrs. India 2013 contest. She represented India at Mrs. Asia International 2013 held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where during the talent round she was selected among the top five talents of Asia. After being crowned Mrs. India, she was also chosen as Goodwill ambassador of NGO Pahal of India and recently was awarded with young women achiever award by Rajasthan state.
Anchal: How did the Mrs. India contest happen? Was it a dream come true?
Megha: Well, I had never imagined that I would become Mrs. India one day. (chuckles)
It came as a pleasant surprise since I am a graduate in engineering and had never thought of modelling or fashion. But like any other girl, looking like a princess and wearing that crown would always fantasize me from my childhood. I loved the ramp and being on stage, but modelling was never on my mind because I felt it was not for me. Just one fine day, in 2012 I happened to fill the form for a state beauty pageant and later I was declared as one of the winners.That fuelled my passion and boosted me up with more confidence and I took a step ahead by applying for Mrs. India.

Anchal: What do you think was your prime asset /qualities that helped you win the contest?
Megha: I think the best thing about me was that I was being me. I came across as natural, pleasant and a polite person during the contest. I wouldn’t try too hard to be something I was not. I wasn’t the most tall or the perfect body among all other contestants but I was confident and happy. More than anything I was enjoying this new experience of my life. This helped to keep me cool, and I came across as a composed and confident person during the interview and question answer round. I think all this helped me in winning the contest.
Anchal: You also went to represent India at Mrs. Asia 2013 contest held at Malaysia? How was the overall experience and what challenges did you face during this journey?
Megha: Post winning Mrs. India, I was thrilled and felt immense pride of representing India at an international platform. After having stayed back at home for years as a stay-at-home mom, the main challenge was to gear myself back into that league again. Suddenly my world had changed and I was trying my best to keep up with this new role. To be looked upon as a beauty queen is no easy task. Your life changes and you are looked in a new light. People start judging you more and you have to sometimes look perfect in the oddest hours. I had to attend events and promotions and was not able to give much time to family. I had to be more fit and had to prepare for interview session and talent round. But with support of family and blessing of almighty it all happened. I consider myself lucky to have represented India at an international platform. It was an incredible experience, sharing thoughts and smiles with beauty queens from different countries of Asia. My dance performance during talent round was appreciated and I was chosen as the Top 5 talent in the talent round.
Anchal: You achieved all this post marriage and children. Do you think it’s time that married Indian women break the stereotype of ‘All is gone after marriage’ and work towards exploring their potential after marriage as well?
Megha: Absolutely! There is so much in life to explore and learn that confining yourself just within your home would be really unfair, both to oneself and to the society. We have so many role models around us; women who have done it and are doing it, who are successfully balancing all areas of life and contributing not only towards home but also towards building of a better nation. If they can, we all can.
Anchal: You are also an actress…How did that transition happen and what are your future plans?
Megha: Yes, I have been into theatre for a while now. Acting was always a subject of interest to me and when I felt it was the right time I pursued it. I believe in good work, work that is done with passion and that inspires others. I will keep learning in life and do my bit.

(Anchal is freelance writer/blogger and media graduate. She loves to write about fashion and films.)

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