“Every single institution has been made on the Act of Parliament” -Sitaram Yechury.

CPI(M)’s General secretary, Mr.Sitaram Yechury gave a brilliant speech today in Rajya Sabha expressing his concern over the recent happenings of HCU and JNU . He further spoke about how the recent happenings of JNU and HCU are not confined just to these universities but has spreaded to other educational institutions like IIT Chennai , Allahabad University , Jadavpur University and other institutes like Nehru Memorial , CHR etc.

He has put forward the need to create a House Committee to analyze all the recent development in HCU and JNU so that the parliament can act as an accountable institution for student related issues. He further criticised the government’s movement and RSS’s agenda to “replace Indian history with Hindu Mythology and India’s rich philosophy with Hindu theology” which he believes is an “assault to the constitution of India”.

He criticized the minister of home affairs, Mr. Rajnath Singh for putting wrong allegations on the students in regard to a fake tweet in the name of Hafiz Said and has emphasised that anti-national acts should be dealt with strict action and with credible evidences. He has quoted the words of Sardar Patel in his speech where he had once called the youth as ” steel frame of India “ with which he pressed on the need to encourage and guide the youth than branding them as anti- nationals.

He further criticized the colonial law of Sedition Act, naming the victims of this act from Gandhi to Bhagat Singh and quoted his own experience of JNU as to how the organisation from where he comes gave slogans like “humari jism tukde tukde ho sakte hain , hum is desh ko tukde nahi hone denge” during the Assam insurgency attacks when one of the soldier Niranjan Talukdars became martyr. He spoke on New York Times editorial, where it was written about the current JNU happenings, saying that “India is in thorns of violent clash”.

Concluding his speech he quoted the lines from Asoka’s Dhamma and Geeta’s sloka about the need to respect one’s faith and with Nehru’s words which he spoke on his visit to Allahabad University, ” A university stands for humanism, tolerance , reason, for adventure of ideas and search for truth”

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