ECA quota in DU, Another relaxation for the creative aspirants!!

 Delhi university relaxes it’s cut-offs by up to 15%, depending on the colleges, based on one’s reputation and powers, in various extra co-curricular activities like dance, music, debate, theatre, creative writing and other activities.Students and parents after attending the open session in North campus were excited about getting admission in the desired university through the sections of hobbies.
Usually the dream of getting into DU is dampened by the skyrocketing cut-offs which now seems to be compensated through the relaxation given in the ECA quota.Moreover where last year there were just 865 seats, this year the number is expected to reach 1,000. Surely the increased number will benefit the students to pursue their preferred courses through their interests in different sections of art.
“The university has different societies that specialise in these activities, and they participate in multiple competitions at different levels. ECA seats are given because they fuel the societies,” explained Shalini, head of ECA admissions. Students will also have to go through trials to be selected for an ECA seat. “The preliminary trials will tentatively start around June 17, and will last until June 26. Students will then be selected for a final round, which will be held between June 30 and July 6,” explained Shalini.

List of extra curricular activities considered for the ECA quota:

1. Creative Writing: English and Hindi
2. Debate: English and Hindi
3. Dance:Indian classical, folk, western, choreography
4. Digital Media: Still photography, film making
5. Divinity
6. Theatre
7. Quiz
8. NSS
9. NCC
10. Music (vocal): Indian (classical, light and folk), western (light and folk),
11. Music (instrumental): Indian and western
12. Fine Arts: Sketching and Painting, sculpture.
Though students should not take it a lenient procedure as the certificates of the chosen activity will be checked in the last round. After bringing up cut-offs, DU gives another chance to the creative aspirants, to enjoy a desired college life, THE DU LIFE!!!

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