DUTA exempts the final year and FYUP batch from its protest action of evaluation boycott.

The General Body of the DUTA appeals to all teachers to participate wholeheartedly in evaluation of scripts for the final year students and FYUP batch so that their results be brought out at the earliest, preferably within a week.

DUTA has called for intensification of movement for the Roll Back of API and for Permanent Appointments. The massive united and principled struggle by the DUTA, with the support of students and teachers’ associations across the country, has forced the Government to backtrack from the disastrous policy of irrational increase in teaching hours that a teacher had to undertake and the consequent reduction in the number of teachers.

“However, the Government had decided to continue with the API based promotion scheme (PBAS). The Government had earlier promised to reconsider it, and had set up the Nigavekar Committee for the purpose. However, it has done just the opposite by not only continuing with the API system but also by adding additional negative features.” reads DUTA press release of 16 june

To intensify the struggle for realization of their demands for complete roll back of API, starting permanent appointments with correct GOI roster with backlog and one time exemption of those registered for PhD before the UGC Regulations, 2009, from NET, the DUTA has adopted the following action programme:-

  1. Continuation of evaluation boycott for the answer scripts of the 1st and 2nd year students (non-FYUP batch);
  2. Boycott of all aspects of admission process;
  3. Boycott of all Staff Council Committees;

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