DU Students’ Union president in controversy; photographed with weapons in DUSU office

Facebook has created an uproar in Delhi University Students’ Union. This event took place on 3rd October on Sunday when some photographs were shared on Amit Tanwar’s Facebook in which rifles were seen spread out on table in front of Delhi University Students’ Union president Amit Tanwar of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and there was a pistol in the hand of the man next to him.

Image courtesy: Indian Express
Image courtesy: Indian Express

The photographs were of an event held in the DUSU office Sunday in the memory of former ABVP leader and Amit’s cousin, Pradeep Tanwar but later they were removed.  According to Amit Tanwar he was innocent and the guns belonged to the security officers of a politician of Uttar Pradesh who had come to attend the memorial service.

The University rules states such acts of carrying of, use of or threat of any weapons as “acts of gross indiscipline” and are strongly condemned it.  In a stark response to this incident the Delhi University Teachers’ Association has published a press release in which they have regarded ABVP as a party of unforgettable history of lumpanism, vandalism on University campuses.

They have also accused the party as a breeding ground for goons and lumpens. According to this association ABVP-led DUSU has completely distance itself from the issues of students and they are diluting the students’ movement via display of their muscle power.

Incidents like these are nothing but a big threat to the security of students and teachers which commands immediate interference and enquiry by Delhi university administration.

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