Do you believe in ghosts?

A very common question! Most of you must have encountered it, some or the other day in your life. But, even if I ask you the same question now, do you have an answer to it? I doubt!
It’s said –

“You believe in your beliefs”

At times, even if you don’t get a proof of existence of something, you still believe it. It’s human nature! Many times, we tend to believe certain things which are just told to us by our friends or relatives. There might be people around you who must have narrated an incident ( fake or real) in order to make you believe in the existence of ghosts,spirits and other such things.
Often, you would have given it a second thought. And if not, and your reply would have been something like – “Ahh! Chuck it off! I don’t believe in such stupid things..! “But, at the same moment, a question is fired back to you – “if not ghosts, then why do you believe in God? You have no proof for His existence as well!”
Yeah… that would make many of you go spellbound and then at that very moment, you will give it a second thought or would try to figure out the reason for this belief..

But, I’ve got another way out. Out of positivity and negativity – we can’t choose both! Either a person can be optimistic or pessimistic but to sail in these two boats simultaneously is not possible. So, as per my point of view, if your faith is damn firm in the Almighty God, you would find very tough to believe in ghosts and the vice-versa case.

So, next time if someone asks you this question… you need not think of a reason of believing in God, the same way you need not find a reason to be positive in life… So, think positive… and keep smiling…

[author image=”” ]I am Kanika Pasrija, a student of in IGDTU. I am a girl with plenty of hobbies and interests.My passion for writing encourages me to express my views on various topics and working as a Campus reporter at Aapka Times.[/author]

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