Discriminated emojis? Not anymore!

Since Whatsapp has been the part and parcel of our lives, it has revolutionized the world by claiming chuck-the-hassle of emailing every tiny file. It has given us an option of making our every emotion count. Whatsapp has been the epitome of the emoji trend, and had brought the world into one union by just a wink, a sassy girl, the dancing diva, the British guard and so on.

But there had also been the controversial buzz of being ignorant to all races, gender and all other diversities in the society. Whatsapp has introduced new emojis with the new update. It has multiple options of people with all races. The emoji developers have taken the minutest details into consideration. There have been changes in the skin color which has taken into account the fairest to darkest of the complexions. In India the changes have only been made in respect of race. Whereas in the USA the changes has been made in the family planning emojis too. The marriage equality has been celebrated through this small little change. The response has been overwhelming for both users and the Whatsapp authority!

From our team, we thank you Whatsapp, you fill us with hope that things can change, and things will change.

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