Dilemmas faced by DU aspirants

1) College v/s Course

Economics at Kalindi or BA program at Kirori Mal ?

Visiting North campus & talking to DU aspirants has made me realize that still many students are confused about their first preference weather it should be college or the course . “Along with the faculty ,crowd is also equally important ! Good crowd will help me develop my personality “, Quoted Simran who wishes to study economics from a top college but couldn’t make it because of the sky rocketing cut-offs. Therefore she decided to take admission in BA Program at Kirori Mal . The views are always not the same, Some prefer to choose course over college because at the end knowledge is more important than the brand tag! One of the DU aspirant quoted” At the end when we’ll graduate the name of the college is not mentioned on the degree that we get, but name of the course is! Then why give so much importance to college”?

2) Is reservation healthy?

From the past so many years the number of seats at DU has remained stagnant and the number of applicants are increasing by thousands every year! As a result, price for each seat that every student has to pay is increasing! In this case that price comes in the form of ‘CUT-OFFS”! Soaring cut-offs & high reservation deprives deserved candidates from the upcoming opportunities. At one of the colleges we witnessed a student taking admission for Ba English after scoring 84% and on the other hand another roaming around in tension for not being able to make it to her dream college , even after scoring as good as 94% .
Many aspirants suggest that every college should offer evening college as this will reduce the cut-offs and more people would be able to make to their dream college and course!

3) Infrastructure- A factor or not?

Infrastructure has become one of the factors in deciding the colleges for under graduation programs. But with those sky high cut-offs, to include it in the list of deciding factors does become a dilemma. Most of the north campus colleges have well equipped library and free Wi-Fi. Spacious canteens are famous for their menu’s that include multi cuisine dishes at affordable rates. Well maintained lawns and gardens provide a fresh environment around the college campus. Those ancient buildings that were build decades ago are very well maintained.

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