Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) gets new office bearers

Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) election for 2017-2019 was held on 31-08-2017 (Thursday) for the office of President and 15 members of Executive Committee- 2017-2019 and the result was declared on the same day.For the presidential post Prof. Rajib Ray of DTF who got 2636 votes defeated V.S. Negi (NDTF) by a short margin of 261 votes.In the last election Prof. V.S Negi was defeated by a margin of 225 Votes when Prof. Nandita Narain was elected as the president.
DUTA is known to be the stronghold of Democratic Teachers’Front (DTF). DTF has always dominated the Teachers’ body in Delhi University and hold President Post consecutively for the fourth term. Earlier Prof. Nandita Narain of DTF had been elected as President for the two consecutive term in 2013-2015 and 2015-2017 and Amar Deo Sharma of DTF was elected as the president during 2011-2013.
Total votes polled was 7386 out of 9682 votes and 377 votes was counted invalid. Prof. Rajib Ray got 2636 votes, Prof. V.S. Negi got 2375 Votes, Surender Singh Rana secured third place and managed to get 1930 votes however Sunil Babu managed to get just 48 votes.
List of newly elected DUTA Executive Committee members (descending order of votes):
1. Sunil Sharma NDTF (7649 Votes)
2. Mithuraaj Dhusiya DTF (7559 Votes)
3. Alok Ranjan Pandey AAD (7016 Votes)
4. Anil Sharma NDTF (6877 Votes)
5. Sudhanshu Kumar AAD (6652 Votes)
6. Biswajit Mohanty DTF (6310 Votes)
7. Pooja Vashisth AAD (5901 Votes)
8. Najma Rehmani DTF (5891 Votes)
9. Ashok Kumar Yadav NDTF (5779 Votes)
10. Vishwaraj Sharma INTEC (5755 Votes)
11. Ruby Mishra NDTF (5617 Votes)
12. Ravi Kant SDTF (5314 Votes)
13. Vivek Chaudhary UTF (5093 Votes)
14. Prem Chand AAD (4754 Votes)
15. Surendra Kumar INTEC (4685 Votes)
15 elected EC members and president will elect the Vice-President,Secretary,Joint Secretary,Treasurer and 5 more members to the executive council.  Rajib Ray will also lead the Federation of Central University Teachers Associations (FEDCUTA) which is a collective body central universities. There are 46 Central universities in the country. The post of President of FEDCUTA is assigned to the DUTA President.
“We thank teachers for reposing faith in DTF for providing leadership to forward the teachers movement. This is a mandate against the Government’s push towards commercialisation and dismantling of public funded education through schemes like HEFA,  Self Financing Courses,  MOOCS,  SWAYAM and Graded Autonomy. It is a mandate to defend the rights and dignity of teachers.  The DTF is committed towards building united struggles in defence of public education and for better service conditions.” Said Prof. Abha Dev Habib,  Secretary,  DTF

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