Delhi Govt. asks Department of Education to form alumni associations in all the government schools

In a move to enhance the quality and the atmosphere of education in government schools, the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, has asked the Department of Education (DoE) to form alumni associations in all the government schools of Delhi.

While most private schools have strong networks and connections with their alumni, government schools have no such facility. The DoE has now been directed to make a detailed plan by August 1 to institutionalize alumni associations, meetings and events. Sisodia also asked them to launch a website where the former students of all government schools can register themselves.

This way, schools will be able to reach out to former students who are academically or professionally successful and invite them to interact with current students. By knowing more about the experiences, successes and failures in the life of people, who at one point of time went through the same struggles in the classroom as them, students will be inspired to perform well and aim for excellence. These seniors will also be better able to communicate important life lessons as students will be able to identify with them.With this, the students in government schools will also be exposed to more opportunities owing to the internships, workshops, seminars, sponsorships, etc offered by the alumni for their alma mater.

“This will help in bringing the government  schools at par with private schools and provide them opportunities which were available only in expensive schools,” said a Delhi government official on Friday.

(By: Ananya Upadhyay)

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