By: jyotsana sharma

“12 class will decide your future.”
“If you will not score well in class 12th you will have no future.”
These are some common dialogues of every single Indian parent.
THE result of 12 class came earlier this year. As 90% becomes very common .This year 90000 students scored 90% and above .Some scored high, average or low. With low and average marks usually comes with a set of challenges related to college and course. And guess what du has given it’s first shock ,this year releasing only 5 cut off lists. Some of you who didn’t scored as well as you all were expecting. It feels like a punch in the guts .It feels very bad when your score was not up to the mark. All you were feeling was despaired ,humiliate, hopeless and disappointed .Your parents were comparing you to neighbour’s son or daughter. But you all have to that learn a few sheets of paper cannot decide your future. The game of life is not yet over ,yes marks are important, they make life easier . You have the whole world of knowledge, many opportunities with you ,which is waiting outside. Exams do not measure creativity, imagination and skills. Cramming doesn’t gives you knowledge .Solutions are quite difficult. First of all keep calm. Identify your strength , weakness and Interest. If you were not good at academics make your hobby as your profession and a piece of advice for all the parents ,your worry for your child justifies considering today’s world competition but don’t compare your child with anyone it decreases their confidence . Every child is not the same .Remember that children’s dreams are precious than marks, they need your support! Guys remember that the road that is built in hope is more pleasant to be travelled than road built is despair, even though it leads to the same destination. So set your goals and make a right step. Keep your dreams alive. Work hard with determination .Live free !!

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