Cheat Sheet to Crack SNAP Exam: Important Topics & Study Material

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, commonly known as SNAP, is a national level management entrance exam, which offers admission into various institutes that fall under Symbiosis International University. SIU conducts SNAP once in a year, and more than 50000 candidates appear in this examination.

SNAP is amongst the most popular non-CAT management entrance tests. SNAP checks the knowledge of candidates in 4 major areas, which are quantitative ability, logical reasoning and data interpretation, verbal ability, and general knowledge.

Since SIU do not release any official syllabus for SNAP, aspirants are always eager to know the most important topics, which they should study for the exam.

So today, we bring you the most important topics and recommended books for each section of SNAP exam.

SNAP 2017 Exam Pattern

SNAP 2017 is to be conducted online. SNAP 2017 will feature a total of 150 questions which will have to be answered in 120 minutes. Take a look at the following table to know the complete examination pattern for the exam –

General English 40 120 minutes
Quantitative Ability, Date Interpretation and Data Sufficiency 40
Logical and Analytical Reasoning 40
General Awareness 30

Each question in the examination will be of 1 mark, and each incorrect answer will carry a negative marking of 0.25 marks.

Now let us take a look at the important topics for each section of SNAP 2017 –

SNAP 2017 Important Topics for General English

General English section broadly contains 4 types of questions – Reading Comprehension, Grammar Based questions, Vocabulary based questions and questions based on Verbal Reasoning.

Now the important thing here is that SNAP has not been regular with the division of questions amongst topics, which means that different topics carry different weightages every year.

But the two important topics, from which a lot of questions have been asked regularly, are Vocabulary and Grammar.

So, topics like antonyms synonyms, fill in the blanks (both grammar and vocabulary based), sentence correction and error spotting become the most important topics for SNAP.

After this the obvious option is Reading Comprehension. You can be sure of 1 RC with 5 questions in the paper, however, you can get to see 2 RCs with 8 or even more questions as well.

Books for Preparing General English

For Vocabulary, Word Power Made Easy is a good source to start. But since Vocabulary is a very diverse topic, we suggest that you learn at least 10 new words every day and also understand their usage.

For Grammar, High School Grammar Book by Wren and Martin is enough to understand the concepts. Completing this book should be followed by a lot of practice.

Apart from these, you can refer to any standard MBA entrance preparation book for this section. You can refer to book written by Arun Sharma or Sujit Kumar for this. However, practicing from past years papers of SNAP is always the best source.

SNAP 2017 Important topics for Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency

This section of SNAP exam covers many topics and thus becomes the most diverse section of the exam. However, still, we can identify some of the most frequent topics in the exam, through previous years’ papers.

A first important topic that we would suggest is number system. Questions on number system have been a regular feature in SNAP, and they have not been very tough as well. So, you will need to brush up your knowledge of Factors, LCM HCL, Division and multiplication properties and other such things for SNAP.

Second important chunk is Arithmetic. In arithmetic, questions based on Ratios, Percentage and Time and Work have been a regular feature of SNAP paper, which makes this topic a notable.

The third most important topic is geometry. Geometry can never be ignored, and SNAP 2016 paper had 6 questions based on Geometry and Mensuration, which makes it a hot topic for SNAP 2017.

For Data Interpretation, there is no such specific type of diagrams that can be said as important. Overall, you can expect 2 DI sets in the exam, covering 7-8 questions.

Recommended Books for Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

For basics of Quantitative Aptitude, any standard MBA preparation book like the one written by Arun Sharma, Nishit K Sinha or Sarvesh Verma will suffice.

For Data Interpretation, having fast calculation speed is always very important. So learning Vedic Maths tricks will be helpful.

Practice is the key to ace this section. Do a lot of practice and don’t forget to go through the past year papers of SNAP.

SNAP 2017 Important topics for Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Logical and Analytical Reasoning is also a diverse section and contains questions on a lot of topics. Division of questions amongst topics in this section has been really fluctuating and thus identifying 2 or 3 most important topics is never easy.

However, if see a long-term trend of past 4 years, Analytical Reasoning in general has carried the largest chunk of questions.

The first thing that you should be ready for is set based reasoning, where a piece of information is given and is followed by 4-5 questions. After this, questions on Seating Arrangements (Circular and Linear), and questions on Statement-Conclusions have been very frequent.

However, if we see SNAP 2016 paper, the two important topics that emerged here, apart from above mentioned, are Number Series and Input Output. So it is always advisable that you do these topics as well.

Best Books for Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Preparation of this section is entirely based on practice. There is not much that you need to think about this section, relying on more and more practice is the best thing to do.

We suggest you buy any two books, from the books by Arun Sharma, Sarvesh Verma or any other author, and refer to past year papers for practice.

Important topics for General Awareness

General Awareness section is probably the most unpredictable section of SNAP. But just like all other sections, there are some topics which constantly have been occupying some space in the question paper.

The most important topic in SNAP for GK is current affairs and news related to Companies and Economy. This topic is definitely expected to have more than 5 questions in the exam, and the number can go as high as 8-9 questions as well.

Maintaining knowledge about corporate sector will definitely help you a lot. Other topics are Books and authors, Abbreviations, Sports, Awards, Honors and Appointments.

Recommended Books for General Awareness

For General Awareness section of SNAP, the golden tip of reading a National Level Newspaper definitely stands true, just like for any other exam. You can refer to The Hindu, Economic Times or The Tribune or any other which you like, to cover the current affairs.

Apart from this, Manorama Year Book will also be a handy source for current affairs. You can refer to GK Digest by Mani Ram Aggarwal for static GK. Also, a lot of online forums keep on posting important questions and conduct free GK sessions and tests. Referring to these will also be a handy option.

The topics mentioned above are topics which are a must do for SNAP. However, it does not mean that you can ignore other topics. Having a balanced preparation is always the key to success.


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