Book Review: Desert Royal by Jean Sasson

Author: Jean Sasson

About the Author: Jean Sasson is an American writer whose work mainly revolves around women in the Middle East.

Background of the book: Desert Royal is the third book by Jean Sasson, which revolves around the life of Princess Sultana. All the books by Jean Sasson are written on behalf of Princess Sultana. In the first book, The Princess reveals the life of women from royal families is no less than virtual prisoners surrounded by unimaginable wealth and luxury yet subject to harsh and stern life. The second book, Daughters of Arabia features the second generation of the royal family, daughters of Princess Sultana and how women are determined to rebel in different ways.

About The Book: Desert Royal, third book of The Princess Trilogy throws light upon the fundamentalist Islamic Society and Sultana’s struggle to overcome daily challenges. The book opens with a tragic union of Sultana’s niece with a rich yet purely evil person and how she tries to stop this union but fails. Further the book reveals the tragic life of women behind veils and in beautiful palaces. The book explores various problems that Sultana goes through while fighting for women against her own cousins.

Will she ever overcome her failure and be successful in achieving what she always wanted, freedom for women?! That is what the book will answer.

Book Review: The book is very well written and contains quotes from Koran on many occasions. This book is an eye-opener and gives you an insight of this big bad world. ’All that glitters are not gold’ is well explained in this book. This is a tale of oppression, in which women have no right to map out their own futures, but instead are married off as young girls to men twice their age and are treated with the utmost brutality. The book is severe indictment on the male chauvinistic societies in which we all live in and how women living in conservative societies are able to fight back.

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