Bollywood In Cannes 2014

Prince Vij for Aapka Times:

The Cannes Film Festival, the most prestigious film festival of the world of cinema, is back with its new season. In Cannes 2014, bollywood stunns the red carpet of this french fest with flaunting new waves of fashion. This year, Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Freida Pinto and Mallika Sherawat made their appearances on the red carpet of Cannes. Cannes may be just a fest for the cinegoers, what it is not less than a big competition among all ladies, who flaunts their fashion on its red carpet. Except these ladies, only Uday Chopra is a male actor who also appeared on the red carpet of Cannes and represented his hollywood venture ‘Grace of Monacco’, starring hollywood beauty ‘Nicole Kidman’. Lets start the review of well dressed and worst dressed bollywood beauties with

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
The Cannes film festival is really not a new place for Bachchan Bahu, Aishwarya. As Aishwarya is featuring on Cannes from few years, she has always been criticized for her not well dressing sence, even last year she failed to impress lots of fashionista’s of the world of cinema. But this year, Aish has completely stunned the red carpet with her shimmering Roberto Cavalli outfit. Undoubtedly, she is top on the game, if you compare her with other bollywood ladies. No one had expected such a gorgeous look from Aish, as she badly disappointed us with her last few performances in Cannes.

Sonam Kapoor:
A Kapoor girl, who is well known for her unique experiments in bollywood. Not only in films, even she is shocking everyone with her best dressing sense in film festivals too. The fashion freak of bollywood, Sonam amazed everyone with her black Elli Saab ensemble. Of cource, this time she hasn’t done any big experiment, but yes she impressed almost every single fashion designer with her stunning appearance on the red carpet. Sonam is one of leading lady of bollywood, with the best-est fashion sence and who doesn’t scare to experiment with her look. Overall, Sonam’s appearance on Red carpet of Cannes has received thumbs up from fashion analysists and fashion buffs.

Mallika Sherawat:
Mallika Sherawat who is now regular guest of almost every film festival, stunned red carpet with her blue gown. While it is not the best look on the red carpet of Cannes, but according to her previous fashion report card, it was not enough bad. As compare to Sonam and Aishwarya, she flaunts her fashion look below per the expectations. As per well know fashion analysists, It is Mallika’s only appearance where she collected few claps from the fashion photographers. On the whole, she didn’t disappointed us with her appearance on the fest of Cannes.

Freida Pinto:
c5At one of the events the actress sported a champagne hued dress by Michael Kors. This was an amazing choice and not to mention the actress did complete justice to it. The second one was a rather bright one. With a flashy pink gown by Gucci, Freida shined on the red carpet. For both the looks on the red carpet, kudos to Freida! Her extraodinary confidence and charming face value added extra quality in her look and in result she stunned that red carpet with her best dressed look, which made this Cannes a typical bollywood Cannes.


As compare to bollywood’s few last Cannes appearances, this one is top on the game. Even worst dressed people like Mallika Sherawat and Freida fashionly behaved well in Cannes and bollywood received so many compliments from the fashionista of bollywood. We can end this with the hope that this ‘Well Dressed’ Cannes Fest will be atleast for bollywood.

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