Biggest Disclosure on Modi’s mass campaigned project “Make In India”.

AAPKA Times has got the proof which states that Make in India websites is designed & maintained by  a non-Indian” that is an American Ad agency Wieden & kennedy 
Have a look on this…
Indian PM talk about Make in India, i.e; India must be capable of producing for its own need and to export as well, but the fact is totally different. We have found it exclusively that Make in India website is designed and developed by an America Ad Agency namely Wieden+Kennedy, founded by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.
When we talk about Make in India what was the need to get the website developed by a Non-Indian company, we strongly beleive it must be developed by an Indian Group.
By this effort we have demotivated our Indian Skills and talents and PM Modi must have to come forward and answer on it.

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