Day 58, in bigg boss 8 has brought with its a drastic change , the controversial house will now be ruled by a king, Gautam with all the house members has to follow his words inside the house.

Now the question arises will all the housemates accept it or not.

When the contestants get with their breakfasts the bigg boss introduces the luxury budget named ‘Gautam City’.Also bigg boss has covered the whole houses with statues of Gautam(the famous shirtless pic) along with multiple posters with words such as ‘My City My Rule’,’Karo Ya Maro’,’Mera Shehar Mera Ghar’.The housemates were shocked on seeing these posters.

As Gautam has now made a strict dictator the house has been converted into his kingdom. He has also given a luxury room for residing and from there he can the rule the house. He has been allowed to do whatever he likes in the house. He has also given rights to choose two royal guards who will stand along his two sides.He can even handcuff the one whom he wants to punish and can even take away their food .As per rule no housemate can address him with his name.They can only address him saying ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Your Highness’.

Now Gautam is very excited and he chooses various tasks which raise the entertainment level in the house.He asks all to stand on his knees. Karishma ,Upen and Diandra in the house are least interested in accepting his rules.They find it difficult to accept all this tasks. And when come it to punishment ,Gautam does it all.He asked his so called prajas to stand in sun for hours leaving their belongings.He reveals the Sonali secret in front of camera(cigarette).

All the housemates are very angry on him .They have decided to revolt against him and even they will throw his poster in the pool.

Lets wait to see what will happen next.

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