BDS exam of 14th June at Jamia postponed

What would you do for a good future- make books your best friends? Go thousands of kilometres away from home just to get a higher education? Travel despite tortuous weather conditions? Well, this is what many students faced as they geared up for the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) exam at Jamia Millia Islamia university on 14th June, 2015. But all their efforts have gone into vain, as the examination now stands postponed. This has led to a huge disappointment among the exam takers. Not only this, they have not even been notified about the next date for the examination. Couple of days it will be before the date is declared, it has been notified. So, all those who came from different corners of the country just to attend the examination now wait in anticipation.

The decision has resulted into a colossal confusion and chaos, as students now are clueless about the solutions of various problems that stand staring at their faces. The biggest issue is the problem of accommodation and food. They don’t know where to house themselves for the next few days till the examination is conducted. Many will go back to their or someone else’s home for the time being. Either way, the expenditure for these will be an issue for most of them- accommodation, food, travel and what not. And on top of that, the diabolic June weather will continue to prick.

This decision of Jamia, one of the universities that serve the nation through their world-class facilities and education, has made many uncomfortable this time. There is a justifiable reason behind the giant step, we hope, as we eagerly wait for the new date of the examination to be announced.

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