As the Eid delight of Salman Khan paves its way towards the 200 Cr mark, we give you 10 reasons why this one is a must watch for all the people who love The Bhai as well as others.

1. Harshaali Malhotra: First and foremost the child actress, this little wonder is the life and soul of the movie. She has taken it to a whole new level. She is not our regular cute film child who everyone empathises with; she is way more than that. She is the best child character I have ever seen in a movie. Playing a mute character, her display of emotions will move you and wrench your heart.

2. Salman Khan: For a beautiful change, he is not just standing, making girls woo her and beating up goons in an unrealistic way, he has put in efforts for this movie, has went inside the skin of his character and has provided us with such a positive, lovable character as of his.

3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui: The guy with the golden touch, he has again struck just the right chord with his remarkable performance and superb dialogue delivery. He picks up the ante and makes the ride even fun. His role is small but immensely affective.

4. Kabir Khan: ‘Kabul Express’, ‘New York’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ director and dialogue writer, this guy has perfected himself in so many ways. Directing Salman Khan in such an amazing way takes much toil and hard work. He has played beautifully with the emotions of the viewer and has garnered the script with some hard hitting and wise dialogues.

5. Cinematography: Right from the beginning credits you are lost into the picturesque beauty of the locations. Aseem Mishra’s work is commendable. Camera work is fabulous and the land is shown in a marvellous way.

6. Background Score: Julius Packiam provides us with the right kind of music at just the right time. Judicial use of the songs ‘Tu jo mila’ sung by KK and Javed Ali and ‘Zindagi’ by Jubin Nautiyal is remarkable. Music is a bit funny though but the story makes up for it. ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ is the best from the lot by Pritam.

7.Supporting Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Sharat Saxena, Alka Kaushal, Anuj Shrivastava and Meher Vij and others are all together a treat to watch and they make the story as enjoyable as it can get. To top it all, Om Puri is in special appearance. Quite a win-win here.

8. Extremely Emotional: There was not a single eye which was not wet during the whole second half. The director, along with the strong acting by the cast, has made us cry a lot of times and kudos to them for that. It just makes every character so much close to the heart. Completely awe-struck.

9. Pakistan: Our neighbouring country has been displayed in a very positive light and there are no overtly racial dialogues. The locations as well as the people are displayed with genuine believable positivity and that is the prettiest part about it.

10. The Superlatives: Salman Khan giving his best performance since Wanted and making us all weep and laugh and most importantly make us learn the importance of humanity and pure heartedness. The story is the stellar part about the flick and with the kind of peaceful message it is spreading, is sure is a must watch. Salman Khan and Kabir Khan at their best..! Don’t miss it at all.

[author image=”” ]I am Sameer Khan,an IT engineer by graduation. Pursuing MA Convergent Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia. Bollywood reviewer and technology researcher.[/author]

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