Australian Professor speaks on ‘Innovative Teaching Methodologies’ at Jamia

Prof. James Arvanitakis, a recipient of Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year Award – Australia’s most prestigious teaching award, delivered a Lecture on “Innovative Teaching Methodologies” in Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). Unfolding his pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, Prof. James underlined the need for a scholar to confront the challenges people face in the modern world. An academician, according to Prof. James, is one who is continually engaged with issues that would help reconstruct societies and rebuild economies.

Since the world is changing very rapidly, Prof. James felt, scholars must adapt to changes and go beyond conventional knowledge to develop skills and culture that would promote all-around growth of societies. As teachers, Prof. James averred, we must demonstrate what we want our students to be. He went on to add that we must treat knowledge like clay and encourage our students to apply it besides being continuously mindful of the kind of students we would want to produce.  The presentation was followed by a very engaging Question and Answer session with faculty members and students.Earlier, Prof. Talat Aziz, who chaired the session, welcomed the speaker and spoke of Prof. James’ contribution to innovative teaching methodologies. She referred to his pedagogical approaches that would go a long way in improving academic transactions with students both within and outside the classrooms.

The event was organized by the Outreach Programme of Jamia Millia Islamia in association with Australia India Education Council. Dr. Baran Farooqi, Co-Media Coordinator, JMI proposed a vote of thanks.

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