Arsenal wants someone, anyone to beat Chelsea this season

There is no doubt in the fact that this season’s best team in the English Premier League is Chelsea. They are so far undefeated, which is definitely an astonishing feat for any team, however strong they may be. As an integral part of Chelsea’s undisputed performance, some credit has to be given to Jose Mourinho. It is obvious that he would love to see his side go unbeaten this season. The blue knights have not forgotten to display an awe-striking performance to keep their fans happy and intact. At the same time, when a team becomes strong, as would their expectations too. Not only theirs, but fans expect more from them too.
But more than that, some teams start worrying about their records of the past being broken. We have in our bag, one such team. It’s none other than the Arsenal, a team which once shone as the people’s favorite. No matter what opposition fans threw at Arsenal supporters over the past nine years, they always had one sure-fire response, one that no other club could match or refute. Is yours gold? That was it, it was that simple. Ten years ago Arsenal were presented with a specially-commissioned gold Premier League trophy because of their immense achievement of winning the league title without losing a single game.
Yes, any team can be champions through a good show of team work. But it takes more to become the champions without losing a match. As far as Arsenal considered, it was a remarkable achievement- one that will only seem more and more impressive with the passing of time. Over recent years, while Arsenal looked to clear stadium debt and weren’t doing too well on the old trophy-haul front, the first day of the season when every team had lost at least one game became known, slowly, as ‘Invincibles Day’ – the day that marked the fact that no team could emulate the Gunners unbeaten league run for yet another season.
It’s already December and Chelsea looks strong so far. It seems they haven’t got the faintest intention to lose. Worse than losing, they haven’t even looked like losing one, although they offered some hope of losing by ending the Sunderland game in a goal less draw. This same fact tells us that the Invincibles day won’t be arriving any time soon. Because the Invincibles happened in recent memory it is easy to gravely underestimate how hard it is to actually do that. Moreover, Arsene Wenger of Arsenal is the only manager to have overseen an unbeaten season. He once famously predicted that there was absolutely no way that Chelsea would beat Barcelona over two legs to reach the Champions League final. When they did that, Wenger was adamant that they couldn’t possibly overcome Bayern Munich in their own ground and become the first team from London to collect the big-eared trophy. Wenger admits that, with Chelsea, anything is possible.
Wenger also insists that if one team, under one manager were to be the ones to take his record from him, then it would certainly be Mourinho and Chelsea. Even then, he is positive that it won’t happen. Even if did, at least Arsenal did it first, right?

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