Are students safe? – Road Security is crucial

Delhi University, Delhi:

Students all over the country have been actively participating and functioning in order to make the education system of India improve. Other than concern of the academic fields, students are striving to bring a radical change in other aspects of a student life. The future also seems promising but there are many other factors that are affecting the average student in India which are unnoticed by the state and the government. Be it the study pressures, molesting, ragging, compromised security at institutions and on road, students fight from all such issues on a regular basis.

One such issue faced by the students of Kamala Nehru College of Delhi University is the problem of “Road Safety”. The issue might not seem very appealing because in a country like India where the road safety campaigns are held and where we see the traffic police on every other street, still the problem of road safety isn’t solved to any great extent. India holds the record of people dying in a large number due to car accidents and several other mishaps that happen on the road. People who travel daily surely witness at least one or two cases of small road accidents.

But something very disheartening and grave happened on 1st September 2014 that shook the hearts of entire DU students. Deepti Yash, a student of Kamala Nehru College was crushed to death by a car when she was trying to cross the road near Green Park Metro Station. Enrolled this year in the college, Deepti lost her life due to the mistake of speeding cars, rushing traffic and impatient people who are compromising with road security. After this sad incident, the student of KNC organized a protest march to demand certain necessities that are important for road security. Being situated in a densely populated area of South Delhi, the only way to reduce accident on busy roads near college and metro stations is by setting up of some security measures. The students demanded foot-over bridges, zebra crossings, traffic lights to indicate pedestrians’ crossings and feeder bus services from station to the college.

The student campaign’s main motive was to draw people’s attention towards this sad accident and requesting them to drive safe and obey the traffic rules. Many students have lost their life in such road mishaps and this is the high time for authorities to start reviewing the just demands of the students and work for student security.

This accident isn’t the only example. Pedestrians are often crushed to death by people and many of such hit-and-run cases are never disclosed. The effort of the KNC girls and college staff is commendable as they have brought such an important issue under light and by spreading awareness about this incident one can actually hope for the authorities to start work in this direction.

It is time for every person on road to be aware of traffic rules and follow them heartedly. Road safety is crucial. Do not ignore it and try being patient on road. Avoid using ear-plugs and cellphones while driving and while crossing the road.

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