Appointment of DU- VC : A political affair more, students are neglected as usual.

The race for the next Delhi University vicechancellor has turned into a fight of political ideologies. It seems that the ruling party in centre will take the decision politically and not neutrally. A section of teachers, mostly from BJP-backed NDTF and AAD (Rathi), believe that Chakrabarty is perfect for the post where as the Left and Congress-backed teachers’ groups are opposing the candidature of professor Bidyut Chakrabarty.

As reported by Times of India Bidyut Chakrabarty’s supporters have written to President Pranab Mukherjee, urging him to take a decision based on facts and not `baseless allegations’.

Chakrabarty told TOI that he was disturbed by the attempts to sully his reputation.“I am not bothered if I become the VC or not. What is disturbing is the attempt to tarnish my image by the Left and AAD (Aditya) group just because my name is rumoured to be in the list.They won’t talk of the court’s judgement which very categorically exonerated me,“ He added, “It’s a battle be tween me and the Left. They don’t like me as I am not ready to be part of their politics of appointment. They didn’t allow me to be the head of the department of political science despite my being the senior most and instead brought in someone from JNU on deputation.“

Mr. Nirmalangshu Mukherji stated in his facebook post that “Professor Chakravarty is a very senior political scientist with an outstanding academic record. Very very few academicians in the country, especially in the discipline of political science, can match his amazing publication record and vast international recognition. Todate he has over two dozen books to his credit, all published by very prestigious publications (OUP, Routledge, Sage, etc.) mostly from abroad.”

A counter comment on the post said “friends defending Bidyut Chakraborty are trying to mask the fact that none of the Court cases examined merit of the case or exonerated Bidyut Chakraborty.”

“Not sure what a list of publications (published abroad or in India) impressive though they might or might not be, have to do with the issue at hand.” stated another facebook counter comment.

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Posted by Nirmalangshu Mukherji on Friday, December 25, 2015

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